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If you have left your country to escape from persecution or war you have a right to seek asylum in Sweden. If you are granted asylum you will receive a temporary residence permit. Refugees receive a temporary residence permit for 3 years and a person in need of subsidiary protection gets a temporary residence permit for 13 months.


The Swedish Migration Agency appoints a public counsel in your asylum investigation to help you during your asylum process. You are entitled to ask for a specific public counsel. Malmö Asylbyrå has expertise in migration law and we will gladly assist you with comprehension, kindness and commitment.

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In your first contact at The Swedish Migration Agency, you should give the name and the phone number of the person at Malmö Asylbyrå that you want as your public counsel.

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Family reunification


If you have been granted asylum, you have the right to be reunited with your closest family: husband/wife and children under the age of 18. Due to changes in the law (Lag om (2016:752) tillfälliga begränsningar av möjligheten att få uppehållstillstånd i Sverige) the right to be reunited with one’s family has been restricted. One change is that both husband and wife must be over the age of 21 to get residence permit. Another change is that the family member in Sweden needs to be able to provide for her/himself and the family in more cases than before.


Please contact Malmö Asylbyrå for more information and guidance throughout the entire process!

Work permit


To be able to work in Sweden, a work permit is required. Malmö Asylbyrå are able to assist you with your application for work permit and possible appeals.


Malmö Asylbyrå can provide you with information and guidance throughout the entire process!



Malmö Asylbyrå accepts assignments as public counsel in cases of custody. This might be actualized when an asylum seeker is waiting for expulsion or deportation and is taken in to custody. Custody might also be actualized if the Migration board considers your identity to be unclear, or if it is considered necessary in order to carry out an investigation concerning your right to stay in Sweden.


A person placed in custody is assigned a suitable public counsel. You might also ask that a particular counsel is assigned for you. Malmö Asylbyrå assists you throughout the entire process and makes sure your rights are guaranteed. We also participate in the custody hearing.

Impediments to enforcement


In exceptional cases can the Migration board can decide to impede your homeward journey, if new circumstances have occurred after the final decision has been made. It might be that the political circumstances in the home country has changed, one has become too ill to carry through the journey, or the family situation has changed.


In some cases, the decision can no longer be appealed (denied review permit from the Migration Court of Appeal) and the person must leave the country in a certain time limit. Malmö Asylbyrå help you draft impediments to enforcement, e. g. obstacles against carrying through the decision of expulsion or deportation.


If a crime has been committed against you, you could be entitled to a counsel. The counsel for an injured party is appointed by the court as a legal representative to safeguard your interests and give you the support and the help that you need, from preliminary investigation until the final decision of the court.


You do not need to pay for a counsel, the state will pay for your legal counsel.


You can request us as your counsel to give you the best possible support. We can assist you in your action for damage or other private claims. Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions, we are happy to help.

Disability Law

The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments is an entitlement law that guarantees good living conditions for people with extensive and permanent functional impairment, ensuring that they receive the help they need in daily life and that they can influence the support and services they receive.


We are experts in the field of LSS and we can assist you whether you need help or your business needs legal advice.

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